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Why Document Management System is Important for your organization?

A document management system is a must-have tool in today’s digitally advanced world. Let’s take a look at what exactly is a document management system, why it is a must-have?

Do you know what every business has in common? It doesn’t matter if it’s a technology company, healthcare, manufacturing, automobile, beauty products, finance, or any other business…they all make extensive use of documents.

Documents are the building block of any business. Documents play a central role in facilitating the proper functioning and overall success of any business. There is absolutely no company on the face of the Earth that can make it through a day without viewing and sharing documents. That includes marketing brochures, project proposals, technical documents, HR guidelines and training materials just to name a few.

The problem is that the more we create and rely on documents for work, the more critical it becomes to have systems in place to manage the documents across your company. This is where a document management system comes in.

What is a document management system or DMS?

The best definition for a document management system or DMS, as the name implies, is a system or software that allows the creation, storage, managing, indexing, protection, and retrieval of digital documents. Although a majority of the document management systems store all of your digital documents in the cloud, they are much more than just cloud storage. A document management system is a framework that facilitates easy flow of critical information across the organization.

A good document management system can help organize all of your files and data in one place, keep track of all of your critical documents, speed up your workflow, improve accuracy and provide around the clock access to documents from any part of the world. Thus, choosing a robust document management system allows you to remain one step ahead of the competition and provide all the information your employees need to do their work efficiently. You can manage all unstructured contents such as documents, file systems, images, and rich media files under one unified solution

What are benefits of Document Management System (DMS)?

  1. Reduced Storage Space: Commercial property costs are increasing and so is the expense to store paper documents. A software-based document management solution (DMS) that can reduce the need for file cabinets, boxes and storage bins is a valuable asset to any enterprise, freeing up precious office space. Documents that have to be kept as hard copies can often be stored in less expensive locations, such as an offsite warehouse or vault.

  2. Enhanced Security Document security is vital to many enterprises. DMS provides better control over sensitive documents. Access to documents can be controlled at the folder level for different groups or individuals. Also, a DMS leaves an audit trail of who has viewed a document, when it was accessed, and how it may have been modified. Managed documents are highly traceable and can be tagged to allow for automated alerts

  3. Easier Retrieval Searching for and retrieving documents can be very time consuming - and we all know time is money. A document management solution, specific for your enterprise, can be a powerful, time-saving tool. Depending on the solution implemented, a DMS can retrieve files by a word or phrase in a document – full text search, or DMS can apply index categories to a document or folder. Easier integration with business applications facilitates access to critical information.

  4. Better Collaboration With DMS, information sharing and collaboration can be a lot easier. Documents captured from different sources can be accessed from multiple locations. Electronic imaging makes sharing documents over a network via email or the Internet possible. DMS provides greater visibility to business processes and can allow for better workflow monitoring. Authorized access by external users can be allowed and monitored. DMS also offers Version Control which allows for older versions of the same document to be recovered if needed. This feature is important if several parties work on the same document and there are changes made to a document that were not authorized or meant to happen.

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